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Web Pages with Mr. Flynn (Tech Feature – Free Web-Development Tool)

Are you lookin at me?

John Flynn is a veteran teacher at Maryvale who has witnessed the evolution of technology integration in the agency setting first hand.  Only as little as five years ago technology’s role in the classroom was limited to drill-and-practice applications, word processing, and games earned as incentives for work completed. Today, students in Mr. Flynn’s class regularly access the Internet for research and  learning videos, and for creating dynamic web pages.  Over time Flynn has increasingly brought technology into the classroom not only in ways that support learning, but also in ways that promote higher order thinking.

During a visit to Mr. Flynn’s Grade 9 Business class I was treated to a showcase of web pages created by students as part of their final summative evaluation. I was pleased by the excitement from each student as they showcased their creations, and impressed by the thought, time, and effort required to complete their online samples of their learning.  Click below to get a flavour for some of the individual projects created by students in the environment:

Featured Technology: is a web development studio that uses a drag-and-drop interface.  It allows users to create dynamic web content without having Flash knowledge. You must register using an existing E-mail (like yahoo or google) and create a unique password in order to access a wix account. (students can set up their individual wix accounts using their own E-mail. They will have to access their E-mail just once to activate their wix accounts.)

Click here to access getting-started video


  • Initially the interface and possibilities are intimidating;
  • resource intensive and therefore can require patience if the computer lacks processing power;
  • time required on the part of students to plan and create/design the web page;
  • modest advertising by wix (however, this is not overpowering);
  • limited web pages allowance alloted for free accounts (however, the free account allows for more than enough for students to build substantial content).