Knightly News

04 Mar

Chris Knight has been putting together monthly newsletters that promote technology in the classroom for several months now. In these newsletters you will find a range of discussions about the role and the place of technology in education. They feature great digital resources that can be brought into your classrooms to support teaching and learning.

Thanks to Chris for compiling these monthly newsletter with great ideas and links for technology inspired learning.

  • November 2010 Newsletter – featuring Bloom’s Taxonomy and how it connects to technology. You will also find a review of web-based applications for the classroom.
  • December 2010 Newsletter – This edition contains seasonal activity ideas and links to some interesting web resources (storybird, PhET, and Thinkfinity)
  • January 2011 Newsletter – This features the various tools available from Google and some ideas on using them in the classroom.
  • February 2011 Newsletter – The theme of this newsletter is “Video in the Classroom”. Due to a number of embedded video clips, the pages will take slightly longer than usual to load.
  • March 2011 Newsletter – This month features more ideas for using video in the classroom and a sneak peek at the new ‘Enterprise Portal’.
  • May 2011 Newsletter – This month’s newsletter deals with visible learning, creating slide shows using a variety of tools, Frames 4 (Ministry licensed), as well as an update on the Board ‘Enterprise Portal’ (temporarily named until finally determined).
  • Using Technology to Enhance Literacy Instruction, by Chris Knight, provides support and links to many highly motivating digital tools to engage and capture your students.

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