MyFakeWall – Way Cool!

20 Mar

MyFakeWall of Louis Riel

MyFakeWall is a great way to bring fun, technology, and learning together. Each author of myfakewall easily creates a fake profile that resemble a Facebook page. The layout can be filled with images and posts to resemble an actual Facebook wall. This wall generator can be used as a great culminating activity to engage students and assess their understanding of historical figures and events, or characters and events from a novel. Students can take on the persona of their figure, or character. What would they post on their walls? Who would they friend or “defriend”? What gossip would be posted? Get a glimpse of your student’s knowledge and understanding, their ability to infer, or their attention to, and understanding of details. This is a great way to add a new dimension to your literacy program.

Students must create a free account in order to build their wall. Take a look at some of the samples available from the login page, or click here for Franklin D Roosevelt’s fake wall.

The image above is my attempt to build a fake wall for Louis Riel (limited research and unedited – be kind!).


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