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Dropbox – file hosting

If you are interested in setting up a dropbox account to take advantage of 2 gigs of free file hosting space, click here and download the program onto your main computer. This should be the computer you would like to marry with your online space. In other words, the computer where you do most of your work. By downloading this onto your computer, you will be able to save, sync, and access all of your files that you can squeeze into your dropbox from any computer with Internet connection. That means that any file you have placed into your dropbox will be available from any computer that has Internet access! This is great if you want access to your files from the laptop cart, the smartboard units, or any Internet connected computer in the world!

As an added bonus, you can earn an additional 8 gigs of storage when other folks you invite download dropbox onto their computers. That’s a lot of storage, and a lot of convenience!

If you’re interested, click the link above, or here. Enjoy the benefits!


Google Sites – A new dimension to teaching and learning

Creating school and class websites is not new to teachers. However, creating them with the easy associated with Google Sites is. Until recently, web masters, with their technical knowledge and knowhow, held the exclusive privilege of creating these sites. The complexity of web development programs, like Dreamweaver, meant that most teachers didn’t have the same opportunity to utilize the web like their counterparts. Google sites levels the playing field so all teachers who want to create a school, or class website can.

See video below on how to create a new Google site:


Bomomo – digital art

If your looking for a soothing activity for your students, you might enjoy this “motion art”.

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