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Tildee – Creating Tutorials

Tildee is a tool that allows the user to create tutorials about anything. It can be used in your classroom as a great way for students to explain, step-by-step, what they know. It could also be used as a way to show a process of how something is done. For example, students could demonstrate how to complete a math problem, or how to construct a stable structure like a bridge. Maybe they could describe parts of a cell. Tutorials can include text, maps, images, and even videos. There are endless possibilities for students to consolidate their thinking, while making it visible!

Click here to visit the sight.


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Prezi – A Zooming Presentation

This image capture is from, and is posted as a visual support for teachers and students.

Prezi is an online presentation tool that is much more dynamic and depth oriented than traditional presentation tools, like Powerpoint and Openoffice Impress. It is one of a number of ways students and teachers can tell a story, present information, guide a persuasive message, or just lounge through the series of pictures of a digital essay.

Building a Prezi is a great way to stimulating high order thinking skills. As students create content that is organized to reflect an idea, students must rely on higher order thinking skills. With Prezi, the process is as important as the product. See thinking skills in progress as students work to bring together their ideas.

Click here to check out this tool for your classroom.


Neok12 – free educational videos, lessons, and games for kids about math, science, social studies, and more

Neok12 is a well organized site containing activities, videos, and lessons on a range of curriculum related topics. Like so many sites that are featured on our blog, neok12 is an American resource, so it lacks Canadian content in the areas of social studies. However, content related to many other subjects is well suited to cover Ontario’s curriculum expectations in the areas of math, science, and English. Click here to have a look.


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Smart Notebook Express

Smart Notebook Express is an online alternative to installing the full version of Notebook 11 (the latest version as of September, 2012). It’s also a great backup in the event that Notebook 11 is note behaving, just as you are about to begin your lesson! The Express version allows you to create new notebooks, as well as open existing ones.

If you don’t have regular Internet access, you can even download Notebook Express Software, which allows you access to the software without relying on access to the web.
While Express lacks many of the bells and whistles of the full version, it does allow you enough functionality and access to basic tools to interact with the whiteboard.

Click here to explore Notebook Express.


CK-12 An Exceptional Resource for Teachers

CK-12 is an exceptional resource and has to be explored to be fully appreciated. Ck-12 is free resource that offers digital bite-sized books that can be downloaded, manipulated  to suit your students’ needs, and shared. That means that you can edit them, add to them, rearrange chapters…

Your books can be accessed anywhere and anytime online, to print, or use on any computer or mobile device.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Concepts, or “bite-sized” lessons can be added to your library (or “Flexbooks”), or assigned to students for independent lessons. Plus…
  • Interactive items, such as videos and simulations, add a visual and auditory component to learning. Plus…
  • Exercises enable students to track their progress and get immediate feedback. Plus…
  • Teaching materials are where assessments, answer keys, and ideas for differentiated instruction can be found…
  • All of this cleanly organized for you to take advantage of for free!

You can join CK-12 by clicking here.

To watch a video on about CK-12, click here.

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educreations – Teach what you know. Learn what you don’t

educreations is a unique resource. There are two main elements to the resource – there is an iPad app that converts your iPad into a recordable, interactive whiteboard, allowing you to record your voice and handwriting, to produce video lessons. These lessons can then be shared on the Internet.

The other element of educreations is the ability to do the same using an online whiteboard using any browser on the Internet. Here are you able to produce and access the same content, but lack the mobility associated with the iPad.

Click here to explore, to download the app for iPad , or to sign up for the free account.

Click here to go to frequently asked questions and answers about educreations



While exploring the Internet I stumbled across another intriguing website called Hotchalk Lesson Plans by Teachers for Teachers. It features over 3,500 lesson plans that span the K – 12 spectrum. It is organized into three main sections: Find the Perfect Lesson Plan, Share Your Own Lesson Plan, and Explore Our Teachers’ Resources. It requires you to sign up for a free account and it looks like it would be a good addition to our growing number of digital resources. Take a few minutes to explore here.

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