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Youblisher – Free, Digital Magazine Publishing Tools

Youblisher is an interesting way to transform static pdfs into interesting digital, online catalogues with flippable pages.

  • Access to Youblisher features requires registration.
  • To see a sample using the IEP Look-fors, click here.

Other possible resources you may like: Joomag and Calameo (both are magazine publishing tools which allow you to create free accounts.


OERB eResources

OERB eResources

Here is a resource for teacher who are managing multiple subjects. It is made available through the elearning consortium and boosts a generous  spectrum of course material for immediate use. Teachers and student do need to sign into the OERB portal to access the content, and requires the same login and password that was introduced in earlier OERB demonstrations. All students use the same login is (gecdsbstudent), and password (oerbs). See me for teacher login and password. Click the image below, or click here to access the resource.

Note: There are almost 100 coursed set up for teacher and student use. Some of these are affected by broken links, and discontinued access, but for the most part there is still a lot of value in the content.



This image was captured from and is provided as visual support.











Scootpad is a self-paced, personalized, practice site for grades K-5. It is a teacher controlled environment that focuses on supporting math and reading skills.

  • Through your teacher dashboard, you can manage and control student accounts by individualizing student tasks. Once your class has been established  students access their personal accounts and move through the program at their personal pace
  • Teachers can even get real time progress and a mark for individual skills and activities
  • 9 Reasons teachers love Scootpad, click here.

Preview the how-to video below to help you get started.