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DROPitTOme – so students can send you their digital files. Excellent!

Teacher Steps

  • First install Dropbox (Click here)
  • Then install DROPitTOme (Click here). Remember that you will be creating 2 passwords, one for you (keep it safe) and one for your students (share it)
  • For your students, provide a link to DROPitTOme, and give them the student password (this will be the same password for all your students)

Student Steps:

  • go to DROPitTOme
  • enter password provided by the teacher
  • find and upload your file

DROPitTOme is a new app that works seamlessly with Dropbox, allowing students to submit their digital work with ease. Students are not required to register for any service, do not need an email account, do not need to know your email, do not need access to your service details, and do not have access to any of the content in your dropbox folders!
You, as the teacher, have to register for the service by doing a few very simple things. First, have a Dropbox account. If you don’t have one, register for one here. Dropbox may be installed on multiple computers. However, for maximum control and security I would install it on the computer(s) not accessible to students. For example, I have dropbox installed on my home computer, as well as my personal, school computer. Next, create a DROPitTOme account. This can be done quickly by providing the following information: email associated with your dropbox account, a username, a password for you to access your dashboard (your control centre), and a password that you will give your students so that they can upload files. That’s it. The app will automatically create a new folder in your dropbox folder, just for uploads, called “DROPitTOme”.

Now, simply provide your students with a link to DROPitTOme and the student password you created.
Once students have uploaded their file, you can go to your DROPitTOme folder and access the student file. You can display the link and the “hidden password” in a document, blog, wiki, or webpage. Here is an example.