QR Codes are the rave – How to

01 Sep

This is a link to a youtube video demonstrating how to create a QR Code using It is very easy, and opens the door to a lot of possibilities for the classroom. Although I haven’t introduced QR yet, this will definitely be one of my tech goals for the early part of the year. QR codes can be used in different ways, but I can see the value in a class where smartphones, tablets, and iPads are available. When QR codes are created and posted to a web page, for example, or printed and posted around the classroom, students can take a picture of the code and be directed to the content of choice on the web. The code can direct students to a web page, a video on the web, a test that you may have prepared in your Google drive, etc., etc., etc,. Like I said, a lot of possibilities!

NOTE: Before you begin, you must ensure that the devices that will be taking advantage of the codes are equipped with a free QR scanner app available from iTunes(for iPhones and iPads) and Google Play (for android devices).

Here is the code for this post in my blog:


Here is a link to a good description, links to QR Code Readers, and other generators: link

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