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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Use Google Docs to Convert Images and PDFs to Editable Text


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Use Google Docs to Convert Images and PDFs to Editable Text

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Using Microsoft software with Smartboard software – 2 minute tutorial

Given our new direction toward using more Microsoft software, I though it would be timely to provide everyone with a link to a short tutorial I came across last week. Hope you find it useful.





Ink aware tutorial

Smart Ink Viewer is fantastic if you are looking for more control of interactive software and tools.

Here is the link to download your notebook 11 and all of its tools:

Notebook 11 download


10 Tools for Creating Class Puzzles and Quizzes


Here are some ideas for teachers looking for great ideas for the classroom.


Best Available Free Software

Best Available Free Software –


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Teacher’s Guide to Using Shared Google Docs with Students



The Ugly Truth of Technology Integration | New School Technology


Edcanvas – one of my favourite resource for the classroom!

blendEdcanvas (now Blendspace) is one of the best digital resources I have come across in a long time! Once you set up your account, you can start collating all of your digital resources onto your canvases to create “living“ online lessons.

What`s best is that the process involved in creating your canvases is very simple. Find what you like and drag it onto your canvases.

You can even install a bookmarking tool (an add-on that will live on your toolbar) which allows you to send websites and videos straight to your Edcanvas with a simple click. This will send that link to your bookmarks. These links will get stored in your Bookmarks, which can then be dragged into any of your canvases when you need them. Here is the link for placing that tool onto your browsing toolbar.